Affiliate Program: Set up your FREE SAAS Affiliate scheme

Affiliate Program: Set up your Affiliate program for free with Reditus, seriously if you don't have an Affliate scheme set up so creators can promote your content you are missing out on free revenue. I have been making my review videos for a few months now and I'm amazed how many new or small SAAS companies have no scheme, yet are spending money advertising, or giving big discounts on their products through software websites.

Reditus is FREE for upto $1000 a month in monthly revenue or 100 partners, and then it's very reasonable.

Sign up here with code WeLovePhil20 for 20% off your first year when you go over $1000 a month:

Reditus features:
✅Grow your SaaS business by setting up a partner & referral program.
✅Manage and receive new partners in one single platform.
✅Full control over your partners and who gets added to your program
✅Find new partners via Marketplace and grow your SaaS on autopilot.
✅See all your data in one dashboard.
✅Real human support in-app and website
✅A privacy verified tool

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