Agencyjoy – Sales CRM for agencies and freelancers

Agencyjoy is a user-friendly CRM that lets you store, manage, and convert new leads into loyal customers.

Agencyjoy lets you create, design, and embed forms right on your website, making it a cinch to collect leads for your business.

You can customize the forms based on their colors, font size, and theme, so it reflects your branding.

Want more control over the aesthetics? You’ll be able to tweak the design of each form element with custom CSS.

These lead forms provide analytics data about respondents, submissions, and conversion rates, so you’ll have all the info you need right at your fingertips.

Mobile-friendly profile page

Embed stunning lead forms on your website to convert more visitors,

With Agencyjoy, you can design email sequences to warm up your sales prospects and get them through your sales pipeline.

Enroll multiple leads to a specific email sequence and automatically send them from your mailbox based on your preferred schedule.

You’ll even be able to personalize emails and evaluate analytics for open rates and reply rates to improve your results.

This tool also gives you access to Joy Assist, the AI email assistant that can automatically generate emails and templates for you.

Email Sequence

Tap into Agencyjoy’s powerful email sequences to warm up cold prospects without breaking a sweat.

With Agencyjoy, you get an overview of tracked emails, opportunities at different stages, and contextual analytics right from your dashboard.

To make this space your own, you can easily customize the default sales pipeline to fit your unique workflow.

Evaluate leads on kanban view or in a list view-style dashboard, and organize them within the stages of your sales pipeline.

From there, you’ll get an in-depth account of each lead, where you can access their contact information, activities, and notes.

Custom sales pipeline

Place leads in custom sales pipelines to avoid missed opportunities.

Best of all, Agencyjoy offers two-way sync with emails and calendars, so you can integrate activities from your Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, Gmail, or Google Calendar.

You can also add calendars right on your website, enabling clients to book a time slot and receive meeting invite details.

And thanks to the Zapier integration, you can connect to over 5,000 third-party apps like Spreadsheets, Meta Ad Manager, and ClickUp.

Booking engine

Thanks to the Meeting Booking Engine, your clients can schedule meetings with you right from your website.

Without a great CRM, your leads are slipping through your fingers faster than ice cream melting off a cone. (“Coincidentally, I am also having a meltdown.”)

Lucky for you, Agencyjoy is here to help you collect leads, send engaging email sequences, manage your custom pipeline, and close more deals.

Streamline your lead gen.

Get lifetime access to Agencyjoy today!

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