akounto – Simplify your accounting processes

Akounto is a cloud-based accounting solution that helps you manage and simplify all your accounting processes, from invoicing to tax filing.

With Akounto, you can get a comprehensive view of your business finances on one intuitive dashboard that presents your most important KPIs.

You’ll be able to visualize your financial health with charts and graphs that are customizable, interactive, and easy to understand.

View all your spending at a glance, compare your income and expenses, and see your projected profits for the month.

And because all your finances are literally at your fingertips, you can skip the data entry and make informed business decisions in a snap.


Get a snapshot of your business finances on one intuitive dashboard.

Akounto lets you create, customize, and send professional online invoices right from your app or desktop.

Schedule automatic payment reminders and recurring invoices, so you can streamline the billing process and get paid faster.

You’ll also be able to send estimates and convert them to invoices, including multi-currency invoices for overseas clients, saving you the headache of doing the math yourself.

Invoice creation

With Akounto, it’s easy to create, schedule, and send custom invoices in multi-currency amounts.

Say goodbye to wasting time on record keeping. Akounto lets you create custom reports in just a few clicks to keep stakeholders updated on your financial health.

Access tax summaries and generate annual reports, including balance sheets, profit, loss, and cash flow statements.

Plus, you’ll be able to receive instant mobile notifications, so you keep track of business activity and evaluate your strategy in real time.

Financial reports

Get custom reports and tax summaries on your cash flow, balances, profits, and losses.

Best of all, you can connect your bank accounts and securely import statements into Akounto.

View an up-to-date snapshot of your balances and keep track of your cash flow on one feed that updates daily.

You’ll also be able to categorize your transactions and get automatic bank reconciliation reports to clear up your backlog.

Connected bank accounts

Connect multiple bank accounts and check their balances from one central dashboard.

When you’re not a financial genius, running a successful business can feel like you’re trying to solve an impossible word problem. (“Somebody get me a calculator. And a tutor.”)

That’s why Akounto gives you a clear view of your business’s financial future and streamlines your workflow, so you make informed decisions that help your business thrive.

Manage your books like a pro.

Get lifetime access to Akounto today!

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