AtomChat – Connect users with interactive widgets

AtomChat is a chat and collaboration solution that lets website visitors interact with one another using text-based chat, audio features, and video calls.

Thanks to AtomChat's group chat and collaboration features, you'll be able to foster community with your site visitors. 

This chat solution offers everything from private one-on-one conversations and discrete password-protected groups to all-access public channels and group video calls.

You can also customize the chat interface by toggling certain features on and off from the admin panel as you see fit.

Direct message feature

Users can send files, photos, emojis, and more to create a fun, engaging community.

With the ability to share files, images, stickers, and emojis, your community will be buzzing.

You can use AtomChat on all major browsers and integrate it with 30+ programs, including WordPress and Shopify, to keep your bases covered.

The platform’s impressive and scalable backend can handle any size community with no load or dependency on your servers.

Plus, an intuitive interface for both chat and video allows you to heighten retention via effortless user navigation embedded directly into your site.

Group video chat

AtomChat’s group video calls and conferences connect users from around the globe.

AtomChat is built to accommodate any community structure, whether it's paid, free, or hybrid.

You can quickly add role-based access control to manage permissions based on user subtypes.

And as administrator, you’ll be able to control which categories of users can initiate conversations, access specific chat features, or function as paid premium users.

Dashboard chat customization

Select specific chat features for determined user roles from the easy-to-use dashboard.

Getting users to sign up for a platform for more than once can feel like you're constantly reinventing the wheel. 

Good thing AtomChat is packed with integrations for existing marketplaces, social networks, and communities for single authentication, making sign-up and login easy.

Because it connects to credential mechanisms already in place, new users can take advantage of automated usernames, avatars, and profile links upon integration.

Adjustable security settings

AtomChat offers a range of adjustable settings including backend admin and security features.

Getting your users to play nice shouldn't feel like you're hosting an awkward meet-and-greet. (“It's time for fun facts! Who wants to go first?”

Lucky for you, AtomChat is powerful, single-package chat platform plugin that encourages conversations and interactions between your website visitors.

Keep your community talking.

Get lifetime access to AtomChat today!

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