BrandBay – Manage and share digital assets

BrandBay is a digital asset management system that lets you store, organize, host, and share digital assets with ease.

BrandBay lets you upload digital assets, including images, videos, code snippets, and project files.

You'll be able to categorize assets by type and other specific tags, giving you quick access to the exact files you need.

Plus, you can even create custom collections and develop brand kits for every client in your portfolio.


Keep your digital assets organized and tagged for convenient access.

You can share your files via URL, email, and social media, or by embedding them on your website.

And thanks to BrandBay’s white-label interface, it's a cinch to customize client dashboards with their own branding.

Your clients will even be able to review assets for promos, ads, and other marketing projects on their own branded dashboard.

File sharing

Share brand assets in a customizable, white-label interface.

Use BrandBay’s Chrome extension to instantly access digital assets right from your browser and speed up your workflow.

You can launch the extension anywhere you're working, including websites you're editing and your team’s favorite productivity apps.

That means you can grab brand colors for a Canva design or fetch an embed link for easy sharing in just a few clicks.

Chrome extension

All your files are just one click away thanks to BrandBay’s Chrome extension.

As you collaborate and share your work, BrandBay makes it easy to maintain a secure and organized workflow.

Just set up access permissions to decide which clients and team members will be admins, editors, and viewers.

You'll be able to control who’s able to upload, download, and edit assets—as well as who can add users to your team.


Manage access permissions to keep your files in the right hands.

Managing digital assets shouldn't feel like you’re playing the world’s longest game of hide-and-seek. (“This stopped being fun three hours ago.”)

Lucky for you, BrandBay keeps your clients’ digital assets organized and lets you access them with their handy Chrome extension.

Simplify your file management.

Get lifetime access to BrandBay today!

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