Breakcold – Centralize your B2B marketing

Breakcold is a sales CRM that helps you build and nurture B2B relationships through LinkedIn, Twitter, and email in one place.

Whether you’re trying to connect with leads on LinkedIn, Twitter, or email, Breakcold lets you build B2B relationships natively in this CRM.

So instead of toggling between random tabs, you can view and engage with your lead’s posts from a single feed.

And because it’s easier to bond with leads, you’ll be able to personalize your outreach and close more deals in a snap.

Engage with leads via LinkedIn, Twitter, and email from one platform.

To make laser-targeted outreach even easier to manage, you can curate feeds for segmented B2B lists, like C-levels and agencies.

Switch between feeds to see the latest posts from different segments and engage with prospects at just the right time.

Whenever you decide to reach out, you’ll be able to access relevant lead info to write personalized messages.

Curate segmented lists of B2B contacts to keep your outreach organized.

Best of all, Breakcold lets you create custom sales pipelines with as many stages as you want using dynamic plug-and-play templates.

You’ll be able to customize the look and feel of your sales pipeline by changing the names and colors of each sales stage.

That means you can organize your sales cycle and easily target leads at key points in your sales funnel.

Create custom sales pipelines with as many stages as you want.

You’ll also be able to experiment with cold email campaigns to figure out which one gets you the most replies.

Breakcold lets you create and send unlimited cold email sequences, with the option to trigger sequences with Zapier.

Plus, you can set custom variables to personalize your messages or use one of the platform’s cold variable templates.

Send unlimited cold email sequences and personalize messages with custom variables.

With the right tool, you can build quality relationships that yield the best sales in a fraction of the time. (“It’s like we were meant to B2B.”)

Breakcold is packed with features to help you nurture B2B contacts at all stages of your sales pipeline, without getting your wires crossed.

Centralize your B2B marketing.

Get lifetime access to Breakcold today!

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