Butter: The Ultimate Interactive Video Conferencing Platform for Creative Collaboration and Fun?

Discover Butter, the fresh and exciting alternative to Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams that takes your virtual meetings to the next level. Packed with features designed to foster collaboration and engagement, Butter is perfect for course creators, online coaches, and remote teams. Enjoy a seamless integration with Canva, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Miro, and Mural, all while hosting GDPR-compliant meetings.

My Butter deal here:

PS Bit muted with music as it gave a youtube copyright claim!

Butter Features:
Add emojis, sound effects, polls, flashcards, music, and GIFs for dynamic meetings
Utilize tools like Miro, Mural, Google Docs, and YouTube within video calls
Create timebox-style agendas, preload tools, and customize waiting rooms
Plan, run, and recap breakout sessions with task assignments and activities
Access recordings, chat logs, and other meeting resources post-session

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