ChatABC – Collaborate with your team using ChatGPT

ChatABC adds collaboration features to ChatGPT, including pre-made prompts, document support, and shared access from a single account.

ChatABC lets you choose between GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, so you can start using your free or premium accounts right off the bat.

Customize your prompts to turn ChatGPT into the “character” you need—like creating your own marketing consultant to chat about advertising.

This app is packed with pre-made character prompts, ranging from personal trainers to professional chefs. All it takes is one click!

You have the flexibility to choose your output language, tone, writing style, and formats—no prompt engineering required.

Chat interface

Enjoy a user-friendly chat interface with easy access to pre-made prompts and modifiers.

You’ll be able to train ChatGPT with private, offline, or downloadable text just by copy-pasting short text or uploading a PDF file.

The split screen view makes it easy to ask questions about the uploaded text or document in real time.

Not only will ChatABC respond, but it’ll also provide the exact page number and location from where it pulled that information!


Upload your documents and pull out any info by simply asking a question.

ChatABC also lets you browse the prompt library to find prompts for common use cases, like writing social ads, blog posts, or marketing emails.

Got a few favorite prompts? You’ll be able to save prompts to your own library, so they’re literally right at your fingertips when you need them.

You can organize chats into folders and spare yourself from having to scroll through every session to find what you want.

And because your prompts will be stored in workspaces that your entire team can access, you don’t need to buy individual accounts!

Prompt library

Access a huge library of pre-made prompts to get better-quality outputs in less time.

You’ll be able to share any ChatGPT output with your team via a public URL so they can jump in from their own devices.

Team members can even load the entire conversation in their own window and pick up where someone left off.

Best of all, you can white-label the platform and use your own domain to offer this service to your clients.

Team features

Share access to ChatGPT sessions with your entire team—no individual accounts needed!

With shared access to ChatGPT, you’ll be able to spend your money where you really want to. (“Why yes, I will pay extra for guac and mineral water.”)

ChatABC is packed with single-account access, a prompt library, and support for document uploads, letting your team use ChatGPT drama-free.

Work better together.

Get lifetime access to ChatABC today!

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