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Build a sales pipeline to turn your leads into customers.

Clodura.AI maintains and tracks install-base data of over 15,000 technology products in various categories like CRM, Marketing Automation Platform, ERP, analytics, advertising, hosting, CMS, design, etc.

Get access to 60M direct dials today. Do not lose your precious selling time dealing with gatekeepers and switchboards. Give your sales the chance to reach and connect with the decision-makers directly. Give yourself the power of direct dial phone numbers.

Understand who exactly is the decision-maker with the help of Clodura’s org chart feature. Knowing your prospect better inevitably results in closing the deals faster and better.

Hyper-target your prospects with business signals like RFPs, hiring areas, layoffs, job changes of decision-makers, IPO, product launch, conference participation, partnerships, and more.

Enjoy a fully functional outreach engine to automate your email sequences.

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