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Stay organized

Cwicly includes a visual Themer, making it a piece of cake to juggle between all your website pages without ever getting lost.

Next level personalization

With over 900+ Google fonts, custom fonts, icon collections, a sophisticated color picker, easy-to-use global colors, and styling options, you will never be frustrated again.

Specialized blocks

Cwicly includes a comprehensive selection of all the dedicated and fully customizable blocks you will ever need, including accordions, tabs, hooks, fragments, queries, filters, and repeaters.

Coder friendly environment

While Cwicly leads the field in no-code building, we encourage and accommodate clients who want to go that bit further and insert their own code.

We have a dedicated code environment which allows you to insert PHP, CSS, and Javascript code. And we go a step further by including live beautification and SCSS compiling.

Democratic vision

With Cwicly, every user — from beginners to the most experienced web developers — can create an engaging no-code professional website quickly and efficiently.

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