Embolden – Write any ecommerce copy with AI

Embolden is an AI-powered writing tool that instantly generates ecommerce copy optimized for conversions and SEO.

Embolden gives you access to over 50 AI-powered writing tools that are trained on world-class ecommerce copy, so you can whip up content fast. 

Generate conversion-focused copy for your sales funnel, from product listings and social media posts to customer service replies.

And because this tool can write contextual, engaging copy that actually drives more sales, you'll save time while upgrading your marketing strategy.

Writing tools

Access 50+ AI-powered writing tools for all your ecommerce copy.

Embolden’s built-in SEO tools optimize your ecommerce copy for search engines, so you can boost your visibility online.

In just one click, you’ll get multiple variations of product descriptions, complete with features, benefits, and an FAQ.

Plus, you’ll be able to generate copy that sells for your Shopify products and Amazon listings on the fly.

Product description

Generate ecommerce product descriptions with features, benefits, and an FAQ.

Embolden also generates ad copy to promote your products on major platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram.

Just give a little context about your product, target audience, and tone to create a Facebook ad on the spot.

You’ll also get a mockup of your ads to preview the finished product and make changes before it goes live.

Product description

Generate ad copy for major platforms and view mockups of the final ad.

Whenever you strike copywriting gold, Embolden makes it easy to save your favorite copy to repurpose later.

Automatically organize your copy with labels—like product descriptions or ad variations for A/B testing.

You can also store your brand name, URL, and logo to automatically populate ad mockups with the right info.

Ad copy

Save your favorite product descriptions or ad copy variations for later.

With an AI-powered copywriting tool, you’ll be cranking out winning content faster than you can say “Lorem Ipsum.” (“Wait, are those not the magic words??”

Embolden instantly generates all the copy for your ecommerce funnel on the spot, from product descriptions to ad copy.

Write copy that sells.

Get lifetime access to Embolden today!

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