FormCan – Build online web forms without coding

FormCan lets you quickly build dynamic web forms, safely collect user data, and connect your forms with thousands of apps.

With FormCan, you're able to create effective forms with easy-to-use panels, so you can make unlimited customizations until your form is *chef’s kiss* perfect.

Thanks to the powerful form editor, you’ll be able to add different field types and separate your form by sections or pages on a user-friendly interface.

Make smarter forms with conditional logic to show, hide, enable, or disable form fields based on your audience’s responses.

Best of all, you don’t need any coding or design experience to add cascaded dropdown lists, checkboxes, embed fields, or score fields!

Form builder

Use FormCan’s intuitive form builder to create smarter web forms packed with conditional logic.

Keep track of all form submissions with highly configurable search, tagging, and exporting options. You can even track revisions for consistent monitoring.

You’ll be able to invite team members with a simple onboarding process and manage permissions to streamline team collaboration.

FormCan ensures that all form submissions are HIPAA-compliant and that all the data is encrypted for multiple layers of security.

That means you’ll have everything you need to collect sensitive information and keep customer information confidential.

Submissions page

View, search, download, or edit your data with a powerful and flexible submission page.

FormCan lets you share your forms on any platform with shareable links, or embed them on your website for more responses.

You can even boost your form completion rate by sending an invitation to clients with pre-filled forms for their convenience.

Create a smoother data flow with API integrations that connect with platforms like Zapier, Slack, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Plus, the platform supports multiple languages, so you can build forms that connect with a global audience.

Share forms

Share forms by link or embed them on your site to increase response rates from clients.

Choose from pre-made themes to personalize your forms in just one click and make the design experience a cinch.

You can speed up the process with FormCan’s pre-built templates for application forms, payment forms, and sign-up forms.

The platform automatically adapts to your system’s settings, so you’ll be able to seamlessly switch from dark to light mode.

Say goodbye to manually clicking the preview to see the latest version of your draft. Instead, use live preview to see the changes in real time.


Elevate your forms with stylish themes and fully customizable design panels.

When you’re not a coding expert, building high-quality forms feels like building a birdhouse, blindfolded. (“I literally have no idea what I’m doing.”)

Lucky for you, FormCan makes it easy to build branded web forms and manage all submissions from one secure platform.

Collect the info you need.

Get lifetime access to FormCan today!

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