KingSumo – Drive leads with viral giveaways

KingSumo helps you run viral giveaways that drive more leads, reward brand engagement, and grow your audience.

Using KingSumo’s intuitive editor, you can set up and launch unlimited viral giveaways in minutes.

Getting started is a breeze—just set the duration and number of winners, and write a little bit about your giveaway.

You’ll be able to offer physical and virtual goods, whether they’re your own products, a client’s, or partner’s.

Spice things up with different prize options, like giving away one grand prize or multiple smaller prizes.

Giveaway info

Create your custom giveaway offering physical or virtual goods in record time!

KingSumo allows entrants to share giveaways with contacts for bonus entries, which increases visibility for your brand.

You can even define custom actions for prospects and entrants to take that drive more leads to your business.

For example, you can award bonus entries if someone follows your social media or visits your website.

Sample giveaway

Award bonus entries to participants who engage with your brand or share your giveaways.

Embed giveaways anywhere using a simple widget code, maximizing traffic to your giveaways.

As you capture leads, you’ll also be able to track detailed analytics on conversion rates, collect entrants’ contact info, and see where traffic is coming from.

You’ll also get detailed analytics that let you see where entrants are coming from and track giveaway conversion rates.

Thanks to integrations with tools like Zapier and MailChimp, you can email leads directly from your email service provider or spreadsheet.

You’ll also get access to a fully-featured API you can use to share lead information across all your favorite tools!


With API integrations, it’s easy to send leads to your favorite tools and streamline your workflow.

Best of all, KingSumo offers the flexibility you need to create custom giveaways that are GDPR compliant.

Attract a wider audience with support for over 20 languages, including Spanish, French, German, and Danish.

Plus, you’ll even have the power to nudge entrants with automatic, mid-giveaway, and final 24-hour reminders.

Giveaway list

Grow your audience with GDPR compliant giveaways that are supported in over 20 languages.

When you’re using the right platform, generating quality leads feels like a piece of cake. (“Mmm, tastes like success to me.”)

With the power of KingSumo, you can launch and manage viral giveaways that grow your audience in record time.

Collect more emails with fun giveaways.

Get lifetime access to KingSumo now!

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