KonnectzIT – Build workflows without writing code

KonnectzIT is a no-code, drag-and-drop automation platform that automates your workflows using a visual connect builder.

If you’re fed up with building automations using a traditional ladder technique, KonnectzIT is here to save the day.

This revolutionary tool makes it easy to visualize and build automations using a visual flow builder.

Simply drag-and-drop your go-to apps and map the fields between them to complete the workflow automation process.

Visual Builder

Use the visual flow builder to connect two apps and build a custom automation.

With the visual flow builder, you can build complex, automated workflows in minutes—minus the clunky coding.

Authorize both API and webhook apps on KonnectzIT’s app library to connect your favorite tools and build automated workflows

Best of all, you'll be able to access over 800 applications, including CRMs, scheduling tools, and payment solutions.

Integration library

The integration library allows you to connect and automate all your favorite apps for marketing, CRM, payments, and more!

Automation doesn’t have to be robotic. In fact, most people use automatons to personalize their everyday workflows.

Thanks to KonnectzIT’s apps, you can seamlessly integrate tailor-made automations into any part of your work day.

Plus, you'll be able to tap into a conditioner, formatter, coupon generator, API/HTTP module, and so much more!

Coupon Generator, API/HTTP module and Text Formatter

Create coupons with the Coupon Generator, which you can add to WooCommerce via an API/HTTP module. 

Simple by design, KonnectzIT was developed to support any kind of user, regardless of skill level.

That's why this no-code platform lets you visualize and monitor your progress from one easy-to-use dashboard.

On the dashboard, you can see insights on different actions, like the number of Konnectz created, the latest apps in use, total tasks consumed, and more.


Access all the elements of the platform from one user-friendly dashboard.

Automations are supposed to save you time, but figuring out how to build them can take forever. (Oh, the cruel irony.)

Good thing KonnectzIT’s visual workflow builder helps you develop custom automations in minutes—no coding required, ever.

Automate everything in a flash!

Get lifetime access to KonnectzIT today!

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