Master Video Creation with BIGVU: The Ultimate Teleprompter and Video Editor! 🎥🚀

In this vid I'll guide you through the amazing features of BIGVU, a game-changer for video creation. With BIGVU, you can script, shoot, edit, style, and share videos faster than ever. No more worries about video editing – BIGVU has got you covered!🚀

🔥 My BIGVU special deal:

✅ Teleprompter Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, and Desktop: Record videos with a professional standpoint. Access our website teleprompter from a Windows computer or a ​1​ce】.

✅ AI Magic Writer for scripting: Create videos much faster by brainstorming ideas and transforming them into scripts quickly using​1​ce】.

✅ Automatic Captioning & Transcription: Get your transcription job done automatically and display closed captions in sync with your vid​1​ce】.

✅ Interactive Videos: Make your videos shoppable by displaying along your video polls

✅ Live Streaming: First teleprompter to stream live to Facebook, YouTube, etc..

✅ Video Analytics: Track your success through reach and engagement figures. Gain insight into what works and what doesn't work, and how each post perfo​rms.

✅ Audio Boost: Maximize audio levels, remove background no​ise.

✅ Shared Workspace: Allow team members to create, script, assign, edit, review and publish videos efficiently and collaborative.

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Great tool for Short Form Creators! AI Script Teleprompter!