MySignature – Generate custom email signatures

MySignature lets you create custom email signatures that can track opens, collect reviews, and more.

MySignature gives you access to dozens of templates in different visual styles, so you can design custom signatures in just minutes.

You’ll be able to customize signatures with your logo, colors, and fonts to match your branding.

Create mobile-friendly signatures for all major email clients, including Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Thunderbird.

Plus, you can include other useful info, like calendar links, social media, and contact info, turning your signature into a digital business card.

Custom signature design

Design fully customized signatures complete with your logo, contact info, and social links.

MySignature lets you track email opens using the Gmail extension, so you can optimize your email marketing strategy with just one tool.

That means you can find out exactly when a recipient opens your message, making it a cinch to prepare a perfectly timed follow-up.

You’ll even be able to monitor link clicks, including how many times, when, and which links in your email are actually making an impact.

Open tracking

With open and click tracking, you can check the status of every email and link.

Best of all it’s easy to manage all your signatures right from your dashboard. You can edit, clone, and delete signatures as you see fit.

Share signatures with your entire team in just a few clicks, so you can unify your branding stress-free.

Plus, the Gmail extension lets you instantly install email signatures in just one click—no manual copy-paste required!

Email engagement details

Use the Gmail extension to install signatures and get detailed engagement metrics in a snap.

Turn your signature into a marketing channel by adding links, buttons, and calls-to-action that drive engagement for your business.

You can even embed a custom or pre-designed banner into your signature that highlights important info for your recipients.

And because MySignature integrates with Canva, you’ll be able to effortlessly design and import your banner without any hiccups.

Custom signature banner

Add a banner, profile picture, or logo to make your signature pop and showcase your brand.

With the right tool, you can turn the most boring part of your emails into a miniature billboard. (“Your inbox is my Times Square.”)

MySignature is packed with professional designs, networking add-ons, and built-in open and click tracking, so you can create email signatures that grow your business.

Upgrade your email sign-offs.

Get lifetime access to MySignature today!

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