Nowa – No-code app builder for professionals

Nowa is a no-code platform that makes it easy to create mobile, web, and desktop apps in a fraction of the time.

Nowa is packed with a flexible and smooth UI designer, so you can create stunning app designs just by dragging and dropping elements.

It’s easy to add screens, place widgets, modify properties, and group assets. And you can customize everything until it’s perfect.

Unlike design tools like Figma, this platform gives you access to real app UI with the code already implemented. No more toggling between different mockup files!

Design dashboard

Create your app UI and customize elements on a visual design board.

Thanks to Nowa’s Circuit feature, you can build logic graphs visually and customize them without worrying about code syntax, structure, or coding rules.

So you’ll be able to replace long lines of code for every logic with data-packed graphs in just a few clicks!

You can also use Flutter source code to create custom functionalities and tweak changes. And you can download that source code, too!

Logic graph

Build and customize your logic graphs to ensure your app has unique functionalities.

Nowa also makes it simple to integrate and load your data to your app—no matter where you store it.

Connect your app with your preferred backend, including Supabase, Airtable, Google Sheets, or your own API, without writing any code.

You can run the online simulator to see how your app looks on different devices, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and Pixel.

Once you’re satisfied with everything, you can export the app to your preferred platform: iOS, Android, or Microsoft.


You’ll be able to integrate and load data to your app from any data source.

Best of all, Nowa’s desktop version lets you work offline and access project files saved locally, so you can work anywhere.

As you build your app, the Hot Reload feature lets you test how the app runs on your phone and view changes in real time.

You can use Nowa with your preferred integrated development environment (IDE), like VS Code and Android Studio, to develop code with a hybrid approach.

Plus, you’ll be able to share your project with team members, giving each one clear roles and access permissions.


See how your app will run on any mobile, web, or desktop platform before exporting it.

It’s hard to build the next big app when you’re stuck using clunky, cookie-cutter app templates. (“Forget swiping left and right, I want to swipe diagonally!”)

That’s why Nowa has a powerful, no-code visual interface that lets you build native apps with stunning design and in-depth functionalities.

Build your dream app in a snap.

Get lifetime access to Nowa today!

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