POSTOPLAN – Plan and schedule social media content

POSTOPLAN is a smart social network marketing platform that allows you to create, schedule, and promote content.

Getting started with POSTOPLAN is simple! Just add an unlimited number of social media and messenger accounts to your dashboard.

Agencies can divide social accounts into different projects to keep things organized and easy to manage.

From there, you can use the post filter to find a specific post or message from any social media or messenger accounts connected to the platform.

Manage social media content and conversations on an unlimited number of accounts.

POSTOPLAN also has a powerful photo editor, so you can edit your social graphics from the same platform that you use to schedule and post them.

In addition to the regular graphics editor, you'll also be able to use the step-by-step constructor to add elements like text or banners to your images.

Need image inspiration? Just use the large graphic library to find high-quality images to incorporate in your content.

Create scroll-stopping graphics with the graphics library and photo editor.

With POSTOPLAN, you can keep everything is combined on one dashboard, so you can provide faster responses and better service.

The unified inbox lets you read and respond to any messages you receive on Facebook in a snap.

You'll even be able to respond to comments and brand mentions on your Facebook and Instagram Business accounts.

Communicate with your audience and answer customer questions—all from the same platform.

Not only can you read and respond to messages on social platforms, but you can also respond to messages on different messenger apps.

Plus, you can post in groups or channels on Telegram and update Google My Business account—all from your POSTOPLAN dashboard. 

Connect to Google My Business and messaging apps like Telegram and Slack.

Searching for a good social post idea is like searching for a piece of hay in a stack of needles… or something like that.

When you’ve run out of good content ideas, POSTOPLAN picks up the slack and offers content suggestions from a bank of over 700 post ideas.

Just pick one of the ready-to-use ideas from the calendar and share on socials with a single click!

POSTOPLAN provides ready-to-use content ideas every day with more than 700 post ideas in the calendar.

Jumping between individual social media channels is about as efficient as eating sandwich ingredients separately. (“Something tells me this would be way better combined.”

Good thing POSTOPLAN lets you plan, schedule, and manage your posts and conversations all from one dashboard, so you can simplify your social media.

Streamline your content strategy.

Get lifetime access to POSTOPLAN today!

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