Publitio – Secure your online videos and images

Publitio is a cloud-based media management platform that lets you easily store, deliver, and protect your video and image files.

Thanks to its powerful, global CDN infrastructure, Publitio lets you securely host and deliver media files in record time.

Sharing your images and videos is easy! You can paste an embed code on your website or send a direct link to friends, team members, and clients.

You’ll be able to access analytics for any media file, like view count, top visitor countries, frequent visitor devices, and detailed video play statistics.

Media Library

View all your video and image files in a centralized media library.

Publitio is packed with HLS video encryption that blocks all known downloading extensions, so you can protect your videos from unauthorized downloading.

You can also apply domain-level protection to your files to control which websites can load your images and videos.

Plus, this platform lets you add and update dynamic watermarks to media files in just a few clicks.

Security Options

Protect and control user access to your uploaded files with multiple security options.

With Publitio, you get access to a customizable media player that you can easily embed on any website.

And since this media player supports high-definition (1080p) video, you won’t ever have to compromise on video quality.

You’ll also be able to upload subtitles to your videos and connect with audiences around the globe.

Because this tool has Google IMA and VAST support, you can run ads on your videos and tap into another income stream.

Media Player

Customize your own high-quality media player with your branding.

Publitio has a URL-based API that allows you to dynamically crop, resize, and scale your files on the fly.

This URL-based modification can even convert files to different formats, turning images into videos and vice versa!

Best of all, this platform always loads your media files super fast for site visitors—no matter where they’re scrolling from.

Dynamic Files

It’s a breeze to change the dimensions and file formats of your media files.

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice security when you’re sharing your videos and images online. (“Forget the TikTok trial—I wanna investigate the guy who stole my Flickr pics.”)

Publitio gives you everything you need to securely upload, host, share, and convert your media files—all on your own terms.

Protect your media files online.

Get lifetime access to Publitio today!

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