Selzy – Launch anti-spam email outreach campaigns

Selzy is an intelligent email marketing platform that optimizes your email campaigns to improve deliverability.

Thanks to Selzy’s personalized recommendations, you can boost the deliverability of your email campaigns.

Just import your contacts or transfer data from another email service provider. Then you can start creating your first batch of emails.

Once you launch your campaign, keep tabs on performance with click maps, aggregated reports, and key metrics.

Build email campaigns

You can build an entire email campaign in just three steps!

Use the drag-and-drop email builder or choose from over 180 goal-oriented templates to create a solid email campaign.

You'll even be able to add countdown timers for limited-time offers and choose from over 800,000 free stickers, GIFs, and stock images.

Wanna save time? Build email blocks with headers, footers, and unsubscribe buttons that you can plug into any template.

Countdown timer

Customize your own countdown timers for limited-time offers.

Selzy also rates every email and offers personalized tips to improve deliverability and optimize your email size.

The platform analyzes text, links, images, file sizes, and attachments to spot errors that might affect campaign performance.

And because each recommendation points to helpful articles and blog posts, you'll understand exactly why these strategies are working.

Email recommendations

Selzy analyzes your emails and offers tips on how to improve deliverability.

Collecting leads on your website is easier than ever! Choose from over 25 responsive sign up forms to get started.

You can also customize opt-in forms with the drag-and-drop form builder and embed them on any web page.

Send up to 1500 emails per month for free using the bulk email service, or ramp up your campaign with their SMTP API.

And if you’re ever feeling stuck, you can connect with Selzy’s support team around the clock, via live chat, email, or phone.

Customer support

Connect with Selzy’s support team via live chat, email, or phone at any time.

You can either launch email campaigns that go nowhere or figure out how to reach your list the old-fashioned way. (“I need to mail this letter to Jim. He's in California… somewhere.”)

Or you can use Selzy’s tailored recommendations and goal-orientated templates to create email campaigns that actually deliver results.

Send the right message.

Get lifetime access to Selzy today!

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