SFTPCloud – Get managed, cloud-based SFTP/FTPS

SFTPCloud makes it easy to create SFTP/FTPS instances that store and protect data in your preferred cloud service.

With SFTPCloud, you’ll be able to instantly create managed SFTP/FTPS instances located in the US or Europe.

Getting started takes less than a minute—just name the instance, select your storage, and let SFTPCloud take care of the rest.

Best of all, this tool encrypts stored data in transit and is compatible with all SFTP/FTPS clients.

Instantly create instances

Quickly create a new SFTP/FTPS instance by naming the instance and selecting storage.

Because SFTP/FTPS instances are cloud-based, you can keep your data in AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage, or one of the S3-compatible supported storages.

Use your own cloud storage account, or take advantage of SFTPCloud's ready-to-use storage.

In a few clicks, you can have an SFTP/FTPS instance powered by cloud storage providers like AWS S3, Wasabi, DigitalOcean Spaces, Backblaze, IDrive e2, and Azure Blob Storage.

SFTP storage credentials

You can use SFTPCloud’s storage or connect to your own cloud storage account.

With SFTPCloud, you’ll get granular user control, allowing you to create, edit, and remove SFTP/FTPS users.

You can control each user’s login methods, protocols, public keys, and permissions, all while viewing active connections in real time.

You'll even be able to configure the bandwidth and storage use for each user to differentiate your tiers.

STFP user details

Manage all SFTP user details including username, password, directory, and authentication methods.

STFPCloud will also send notifications for different file events via webhooks, email, and Slack.

Plus, you can set specific triggers for notifications based on configurable file system events.

That means you’ll be looped in on user activity, like when someone uploads a certain type of file.

Event listener details

Trigger notifications based on configurable file system events, letting you stay on top of user activity.

In a world of bad actors, you don’t want to risk storing important files on a random server just because it’s easy. (“Don't worry, I hid my password in a top-secret Google Doc.”)

Lucky for you, SFTPCloud is the one-stop solution for all your SFTP/FTPS instances and users, with visibility into real-time active connections.

Keep your data safe.

Get lifetime access to SFTPCloud today!

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