ShortySMS – Automate your text message marketing

ShortySMS is a cloud-hosted text message marketing solution that helps you automate and optimize engaging SMS and MMS campaigns.

ShortySMS lets you create automated SMS and MMS campaigns in minutes from an intuitive interface that’s super easy to use.

You can connect multiple Twilio accounts with up to 25 numbers for all your clients, brands, and leads.

Best of all, you’ll be able to send unlimited messages internationally, and see all your responses on one dashboard.

Text message campaigns

Create automated SMS and MMS campaigns easily with an intuitive interface.

Once you import your contacts, you can schedule automated SMS campaigns for effortless outreach to different segments of your audience.

Create multiple lists for different customers, clients, agencies, and more to keep your messaging precisely targeted.

As you grow your contact list, you can also set triggers that automatically subscribe contacts to specific lists.

And thanks to powerful API and Zapier integrations, you’ll be able to use GET and POST actions to process your audience data.

Targeted campaign

Schedule one-off campaigns to your leads, audience, and more. 

ShortySMS also helps you A/B test and optimize multiple campaigns to target your different lists more effectively.

Track results across campaigns to see where your marketing is paying off, and where it isn’t.

Plus, you’ll gain key insights into your engagement, like contact growth, open rates, and opt-outs, so you can make informed marketing decisions.

Because all replies go directly to your ShortySMS inbox, you can keep tabs on all your conversations from just one platform.

A/B testing

A/B test, optimize, and track the results of multiple campaigns at once.

Set up automated sequences that send messages once someone joins your list, whether they’re for onboarding, sales, or welcome messages.

You can use a combination of trigger keywords and automations to configure message timing and control how contacts join lists.

For example, you can let subscribers join your sequence by texting a shortcode to your number.

And following the latest guidelines from carriers, this tool automatically adds a line about unsubscribing to each message. You don’t even have to worry about it!

Sequence creation

 Respond to your contacts and have one-on-one conversations directly from your dashboard. 

Text messages are the most direct and personal way to reach your brand’s target audience. (Based on our open rates, the Love Island memes were VERY effective.)

With ShortySMS, it’s a breeze to launch automated SMS and MMS campaigns that actually click with the customers that matter most.

Sit back and upgrade your marketing.

Get lifetime access to ShortySMS today!

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