SleekBio – Create a link in bio for social media

Brought to you by the AppSumo team, SleekBio is a social link solution that generates more traffic and clicks to your best content and products.

SleekBio takes just minutes to set up your social bio link.

Start by configuring your name, URL, and logo.

You can pick a simple username that looks great in your profile. (Maybe Chief Sumo will trade you in exchange for tacos?)

Once the basics are out of the way, use basic style options to make your SleekBio stand out—build your page to match your brand.

Create your own personal social media bio page in minutes and customize to match your brand.

Add all types of content—including your best videos, blog posts, products, and links—so you never have to manually update your social bio link again. (Copy-and-Paste Saturdays are officially canceled.)

You’re not just limited to showcasing a bunch of basic links, either.

You can set up simple links or make your content stand out by showing content previews.

And if you want to emphasize a piece of content even more, you can pin content to the top of your SleekBio and use the drag-and-drop editor to rearrange your page anytime.

Show off links, videos, blog posts, and more of your best content, plus easily rearrange your SleekBio page with a drag-and-drop editor.

Unlike your first attempt at matcha marble cake, SleekBio isn’t just beautiful on the outside. (“Those Instagram filters really are magic.”)

Get better insights with analytics and data tracking for both your overall page and individual content.

You'll learn exactly what you need to make your links and content that much better.

Access helpful insights into how your links and content are performing.

SleekBio integrates with other AppSumo Originals products like SendFox and TidyCal, letting you embed SendFox forms and TidyCal booking pages.

That means you’re covered whether you want to grow your email list, promote a recent giveaway, or get more bookings.

You can also add other block types to the page, such as links, embedded content, social media buttons!

Get ready to build an epic cross-promotion stream with a fraction of the effort.

Add different block types to show off your links, embed content, add social media, and even embed SendFox forms and TidyCal booking pages.

“Link in bio” doesn’t really work if your URLs are always wrong. (“Totally meant to route to my ‘Sad Valentine’ Spotify playlist.”)

Now you can finally take control of your social media bio link with a simple solution to promote your best content.

Make link updates way easier.

Get lifetime access to SleekBio today!

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