SMS-iT Video Ads – Create videos that get clicks

SMS-iT Video Ads is an omnichannel marketing platform that combines interactive video, lead generation, and two-way messaging.

With SMS-iT Video Ads, you can create interactive videos for lead generation, customer retention, and ecommerce sales.

You'll be able to add elements like text, images, buttons, opt-in forms, and watermarks to every video in your funnel.

Embed calls to action, quizzes, and surveys to collect data from viewers. This platform even lets you gamify your content!

Create video

Create video content with interactive elements, like surveys and opt-in forms.

SMS-iT Video Ads lets you monitor campaign performance and get real-time data on browser usage, devices, and audience behavior.

Track total clicks, video views, and total leads to identify the videos that are most successful at driving conversions.

It's easy to identify which social channels get more views, so you know where to focus your marketing efforts.

Plus, you can compare average clicks, conversion rates, and average view duration over a 12-month period.

Analytics dashboard

Access detailed analytics on your audience to make data-backed marketing decisions.

Best of all, SMS-iT Video Ads integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify, and Mailchimp to support ecommerce businesses.

You can manage product inventory, transactions, and billing—as well as the financial health of your business.

Sell products right from your videos, and connect with your customers using email or SMS marketing.

Ecommerce dashboard

Track key sales metrics like total orders, gross income, and product inventory in one place.

It's a cinch to manage your subscriber base and optimize lead generation with access to the SMS-iT Leads Section.

That’s where you’ll find contact info, like email, name, and number, to connect with leads before they go cold.

You can also target different segments with SMS marketing, which helps you engage and build relationships with prospects.

Manage leads

Manage your leads and connect with them using email and SMS marketing.

You'll struggle to make sales if your promotional videos feel like a clip from the Home Shopping Network. (“Apparently, you have to call in your order. Like, on a phone.”

Luckily, SMS-iT Video Ads can turn your video content into a marketing machine that boosts ecommerce sales and generates more leads.

Make videos that get more clicks.

Get lifetime access to SMS-iT Video Ads today!

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