Squash – Build faster with one-click QA servers

Squash lets you create test environments and disposable staging sites for each branch of code in just one click.

Squash makes it easy to create single-click staging sites for each task or branch of code, so you can run multiple active tests.

Each deployment creates a unique testing URL, which allows you to share your work with team members, clients, and QA testers.

Manage access to your deployments with optional Basic HTTP Authentication for an extra layer of security.

Testing URLs

Create testing sites for speedy software iteration and share the URLs with your team.

Squash also gives you access to tons of ready-to-deploy apps, including WordPress, Joomla, and Ghost, so you can build your test environment super fast.

And speaking of WordPress, you can spin up multiple sites to test them independently for different clients.

You can import your custom code from GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket for more creative freedom.

That means you can combine different technologies to quickly define complex apps and microservices, like building a React.js app with a Node.js backend and MySQL database.

Supported Apps

Choose from ready-to-deploy apps or import your own custom code to build test environments.

Build production-replica test environments with every asset in place, ensuring that your test environments are as close to production as possible.

Store up to 100GB of assets that are accessible across all deployments, so everything is literally at your fingertips.

And because Squash supports all file types, you can upload product pictures, media files, and database copies like MySQL database dumps.

Assets Feature

Upload all types of media files to create a test environment that works for you.

Best of all, you'll save hours of engineering time by replacing your existing dev, staging, and QA servers with Squash’s cloud-based test environments.

Cut down even more on server costs by defining auto-shutdown policies triggered by date, inactivity, or branch merges.

That way, you’ll be able to focus your time, energy, and resources on delivering high-quality software to your customers.

Active Deployments

Squash makes it easy to replace your QA servers with a single, user-friendly dashboard.

When you’re using the right platform, staging code should be as easy as testing samples at an ice cream shop. (“I think I need to try the chocolate mocha again.”)

Squash gives you everything you need to quickly deploy code with one-click test environments, easy-to-share testing URLs, and centralized asset storage.

Deploy super fast.

Get lifetime access to Squash today!

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