Stackby – Plus exclusive – Automate work with spreadsheets & APIs

Stackby lets you create your own company management platform with customizable spreadsheet-style databases and business APIs.

Stackby is taking a page out of Burger King’s playbook and letting you have it your way.

You can build your custom database from scratch and import data from pre-existing sources like spreadsheets or Google Sheets.

Not sure how to get started? Just choose from over 300+ pre-built templates across multiple categories to start sorting the right way, right away.

You'll be able to configure basic column types like text, number, date, time, collaborators, drop downs, and ratings.

Pre-built templates

Get started quickly and easily by selecting from 300+ pre-built templates.

When you’re ready to dive headfirst into the deep end, you can create advanced column types that grow with your team.

You can add formulas for automated computation, bring in attachments from your computer or cloud storage, or even reference data from a different table altogether via lookup.

Link records between tables to define relationships, count and aggregate data from your columns, or try any combination of more than 25+ unique column types available on Stackby.

Column types for building database

Create your own spreadsheet-style database by choosing from over 25+ column types.

You can connect your columns to popular third-party APIs like YouTube, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Ahrefs, and Mailchimp.

From there, Stackby automatically pulls the desired information using over 100 pre-built API functions across 40 no-code connectors.

Identify exactly what data you want using a built-in JSON explorer, configure the columns, and Stackby will do the rest.

Once set, you can refresh to get data in real time, or set automated schedules to run on the column.

Column integration to third-party APIs

Connect your columns to popular third-party APIs to automatically pull data, analyze it, and push out updates in real time.

You can even configure a column to a button that lets you send an SMS or WhatsApp message via the Twilio API.

Want more customization? You can convert your table into a kanban view to enable board style workflows and switch to calendar mode for chronological viewing.

You'll also be able to create custom forms that you can share directly or embed onto your website to collect lead responses.

Plus, you can share your individual views with your team members, embed them into any webpage or blog, and publish your own template on Stackby One.

Custom Forms

Create custom forms to share online on any webpage to collect responses from users. 

No matter how you choose to see your data, you'll know that everyone on your team is on the same page—literally.

All updates are automatically synced, so you can collaborate in real time by adding checklists, setting reminders, and sending Slack notifications for individual rows.

Best of all, you can access Stackby on web browsers, desktop, and mobile devices running iOS and Android systems, so you can build and automate workflows wherever you are.

Twitter ad collaboration

Collaborate instantly with checklists, reminders, Slack notifications, and more!

Keeping tabs on your data shouldn't feel like a full-time job. (“Please don't mention tabs. My browser is barely holding it all together.”

Good thing Stackby lets you create, collaborate, and automate virtually every part of your workflow, so you can do more without doing the most.

Transform the way you work.

Get lifetime access to Stackby now!

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