StoryShots – Read bestselling books in minutes

StoryShots is the microlearning app that gives you thousands of text, audio, and animated book summaries.

Thanks to StoryShots’s multimedia library, you can access quick summaries of bestselling nonfiction books.

You’ll be able to learn on your terms and at your own convenience with the option to read, watch, or listen to books.

So whether you’re at the gym, commuting, or in between meetings, get all the highlights of a book in as little as 15 minutes.

Book formats

Read, watch, or listen to quick summaries of bestsellers in multiple formats and languages.

StoryShots lets you highlight text and take notes directly in the app, read text while you listen, and access PDF or Kindle versions of certain titles.

To customize your reading experience, you can change the font for ebooks and playback speed for audiobooks.

Keep track of your reading progress with a personal bookshelf that stores the books you’ve favorited, finished, or are still reading.

Text highlighter

Read while you listen and highlight text directly in the app to translate, share, or take notes.

StoryShots goes beyond just reading and listening, offering loads of multimedia content to help you learn more efficiently.

With this deal, you’ll get access to helpful infographics and mind maps to share, download, or print out.

Visual learners can also watch animations and videos, along with curated content like interviews with authors.


Look at infographics, mind maps, and other multimedia content that inspires you to keep learning.

With just one app, you can unlock a vault of thousands of book summaries, cliff notes, and audiobooks.

And if you want more than just a summary, you can also access full versions of select titles, including long-form audio and video content.

On top of all that, you’ll be able to view content in multiple languages, including Spanish, German, Japanese, and Italian.

Full-length audiobook

Get access to full versions of select titles, including long-form audio and video content.

Learning different things doesn’t have to give you flashbacks to cramming for your high school History exam. (“I need more time to read this time management book. Wait.”)

Lucky for you, StoryShots is packed with quick book summaries that make the world’s bestselling nonfiction books accessible for all learners.

Hit the books.

Get lifetime access to StoryShots today!

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