Tevent – Host interactive virtual events easily

Tevent lets you host virtual events that encourage peer-to-peer networking with interactive features available at all tier levels.

With Tevent, you can host interactive online events in virtual conference rooms, with as many parallel sessions as you need.

You have the power to teleport audience members anywhere within your virtual space, broadcast important messages, and pin chat messages.

Participants will be able to interact and collaborate in real time using chat, emojis, polls, and Miro whiteboards.

You can even record your virtual events and share the links, so anyone who missed the live conference can stream it on-demand.

And thanks to Tevent’s custom pricing model, you'll have access to every engagement feature across all tier levels.

Virtual event

Host virtual events where participants can interact and collaborate in real time.

Launch webinars, conferences, workshops, and social events with one-click templates that set the stage for you.

You’ll be able to automatically generate custom registration pages and set your events to public or private.

Anyone can join your event as a guest, which means attendees don’t have to create an account with Tevent!

Plus, you can download a list of registered attendees and track engagement insights to figure out which parts of your event need to be optimized.

Event templates

Launch events in a snap using premade templates and auto-generated registration pages.

Tevent also lets you set up permanent event spaces with evergreen rooms for members to meet and collaborate.

Move participants anywhere in the space and let members interact via Space Chat outside of specific rooms and calls.

That way you’ll be able to host all your events under one roof and create a shared space designed for your brand or community.

Event space

Create a permanent space to house your community and every event under one roof.

Best of all, Tevent is packed with interactive features that bring people together and encourage peer-to-peer networking.

Participants can easily connect with each other by setting up custom profile cards and sending direct invitations.

You’ll also be able to keep in touch with connections via personal or group chats outside of events and public spaces.

Peer-to-peer networking

Create a custom profile to network with people and keep in touch using private or group chats.

When you can’t splurge on interactive event components, you’re going to feel pretty disconnected from your audience. (“Heart emojis are my lifeblood now.”)

Thankfully, Tevent gives you access to awesome interactive features, so you can host virtual events without breaking the bank.

Make an event to remember.

Get lifetime access to Tevent today!

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