tinyEmail – Launch quick email marketing campaigns

TinyEmail is an email marketing solution that lets you send interactive, laser-targeted emails to help your brand grow fast.

It’s a cinch to craft impactful marketing emails using tinyEmail’s responsive, data-backed email templates.

Use AI to generate personalized emails that align with your brand and help your campaigns stand out in a crowded inbox.

And add dynamic content to your emails like countdown timers, image sliders, and coupons to take your conversion game to the next level.

Email templates

Quickly craft high-converting, personalized emails using templates and AI.

You can add interactive popups and forms to your website or storefront to capture leads.

And because tinyEmail integrates with over 5,000 apps, you can streamline every day workflows while growing your list.

You’ll even be able to connect with your CRM and payment gateways, which makes retargeting a walk in the park.

Email subscription form

Grow your list with interactive popups and forms for your website or storefront.

Best of all, tinyEmail helps you send the right message to make the most of your marketing efforts and drive more revenue.

Use predefined and custom audience segments to personalize your emails and keep your messaging focused for every campaign.

You’ll even be able to analyze your audience’s behavior and create segments that target specific customers.

Segments library

Take advantage of predefined and custom segments to send the right messaging.

With tinyEmail, you can enable powerful one-click email automations for your Shopify store to automate your email marketing.

Send trigger emails to welcome new subscribers, confirm purchases, and nudge customers about abandoned carts.

No need to worry about creating complex rules, connecting multiple apps, or designing automated emails ever again!


One-click automations trigger emails that welcome subscribers, confirm purchases, and more.

Sending engaging marketing emails shouldn’t feel like you’re stumbling through a bad open mic routine. (“Listening to crickets is all part of my bit, folks! Haha.”)

That's why tinyEmail gives you all the tools you need to launch email marketing campaigns that capture the perfect leads.

Send emails that land.

Get lifetime access to tinyEmail today!

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