Tixio – Plus exclusive – Build a custom unified workspace

Tixio is a customizable, unified workspace that gives teams easy access to all their favorite tools, pages, and files.

With Tixio, you can access all your go-to web pages, tools, and files from one convenient, customizable dashboard.

The bookmark manager extension lets you save unlimited links from your browser into custom collections.

Customize boards and widgets to match your branding, and share everything with your team or publicly in a snap.

And because task management is built in, you’ll also be able to assign tasks and deadlines to team members in just a few clicks.

Tixio dashboard

Access all your favorite bookmarks and tools from one customizable dashboard.

Tixio helps you build a company wiki or internal knowledge base with your team, so you can make important info available to everyone.

You’ll be able to collaborate in real time or asynchronously to create guidelines, SOPs, workflows, and meeting notes.

Discuss strategy and decide on topics for your guides with live comments and sharing capabilities.

You can also add helpful visual elements to your wiki, like images, flowcharts, tables, and sketches.

Company wiki

Collaborate on company wikis and internal knowledge bases in real time or asynchronously.

With Tixio, you don’t have to waste time switching between tabs, folders, and cloud drives to search through all your files.

Just connect your Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive accounts, and you’ll be able to use one workspace to view and access files as a team.

That means you can search and filter through files from multiple accounts in seconds and keep everyone on the same page.

Cloud files

View files from all your cloud drives from one consolidated workspace.

Best of all, Tixio helps you get insightful workspace analytics so you can make data-driven decisions that enhance your team’s performance.

You’ll be able to track average time spent in workspaces and identify the most popular boards and wikis.

By understanding how your team uses their workspace, you can refine boards and cut out any unnecessary tools and links.

Workspace analytics

Analyze your team’s workspace usage and performance with built-in analytics.

An organized workspace means you don’t have to scramble around just to get one thing done. (“I’d check that off my to-do list…if I could find it.”)

Tixio lets you build a custom workspace that fits your team’s daily needs, with all your go-to web pages, tools, and files in one place.

Collaborate without the clutter.

Get lifetime access to Tixio today!

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