typedesk – Simplify support with canned responses

Typedesk is a canned response solution that lets your whole team create, organize, and send unique messages quickly.

Using typedesk’s customizable placeholders and variables, you can create unique canned responses for different leads and clients.

Save time on typing using templates for messages you send every day, like order updates and customer service follow-ups, or answers to frequently asked questions.

From there, you can easily plug in dynamic content, like the date and time, and specifics about your product or service.

That way, you'll get the best of both worlds: a streamlined workflow and a personalized customer experience.

Canned response template

Build personalized canned responses with dynamic snippets that are easy to plug in.

Typedesk makes onboarding easier than ever, so you can keep your tone consistent no matter who’s writing.

With shared folders and organized responses, teams stay in tune with their customer experience and save time together.

Whether your team handles social media, sales, or customer support, you’ll send personalized messages quicker, in a unified tone that builds trust.

Perfect your canned responses over time and keep track of changes with notifications and advanced sharing permissions.

Shared team folders

Keep your teams on the same page with shared folders, organized responses, and notifications.

Not only are all your canned responses organized in one place, but they’re also at your fingertips wherever you work.

Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, typedesk doesn’t discriminate. And along with those native apps, you can also add typedesk as an extension to all major browsers.

Once you install typedesk, you’ll have access to your work on whichever platform you’re using: Gmail, Zendesk, Slack… the list is practically endless.

You’ll save time across all those platforms, too, since you can easily plug in your canned responses with handy keyboard shortcuts.

Multi-platform integration

Easily insert canned responses across multiple platforms with keyboard shortcuts, including Gmail, Slack, Zendesk, and more!

Typedesk is built to be lightning-fast, so you’re not wasting any energy typing up and sorting through all your messages.

Your canned responses are saved locally, so you have instant access and can work offline.

With keyboard shortcuts, you’ll reply to messages with relevant and natural-sounding responses in just a few keystrokes.

And because pobody’s nerfect (especially if you’re working quickly!), typedesk’s live search bar lets you sort through all your work and ignores any typos you might make in the process.

Placeholder for reference number

Quickly access different canned responses and messages with typedesk’s keyboard-first approach.

Let’s face it: if you could pick any superpower to help you defeat the demons of your workday, it’d be super speed. (“Oh, it’s nothing. I always reply to emails two seconds after receiving them.”)

With typedesk, your whole team gets the building blocks to design, organize, and send unique canned responses quickly.

Speed up your typing everywhere you work.

Get lifetime access to typedesk today!

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