VidPowr – Create interactive marketing videos

VidPowr supercharges your marketing with interactive video content designed to engage viewers, collect leads, and close sales.

With VidPowr, you can generate interactive videos to boost engagement and click-through rates for training, coaching, and marketing content.

Design the video player with your own branding, customizable skins, and adjustable control buttons using the built-in editor.

You can fetch any existing video content (including livestreams!) from platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, and Google Drive. Plus, embedding videos is as easy as copy-and-paste!

Even without tech skills, you’ll be able to customize your CNAME branding for any URL, as well as integrate your own third-party tracking pixels.

Video upload

Import videos from any major platform and start customizing your video player in seconds.

You can leverage conditional calls to action and video branching to create personalized video experiences that let viewers control the narrative.

Plus, you can translate your video content into multiple languages so you’ll be able to attract a global audience.

With more than 40 dynamic features, VidPowr has everything you need to level up your marketing strategy in just a few minutes.

VidPowr dashboard

Transform videos using interactive add-ons, multi-language support, and conditional calls to action.

You can use your videos to collect real-time audience feedback and make marketing decisions based on actionable insights.

Just add video quizzes, polls, and free response questions to engage your viewers and figure out how they feel about your product or brand.

Plus, you'll be able to require authentication for sensitive content or control access by region, so your videos are always secure and targeting the right audience.

Select video features

Insert feedback tools like polls, quizzes, and questions and instantly capture audience insights.

Add lead forms to collect customer info on the spot and turn your videos into lead-collection machines!

Any new leads will automatically sync with your autoresponder thanks to seamless integrations with over 20 platforms.

You can also add shoppable features like product slideshows or buy buttons to convert leads into customers right then and there.

VidPowr even makes it easy to organize your entire marketing library, as well as import multiple third-party videos onto a playlist in one click.

Shoppable features

Convert directly from your videos with “Buy Now” buttons and other shoppable features.

With conditional logic, you can actually let your audience choose their own video marketing adventure. (“Click here to go straight to your checkout page!”)

VidPowr is loaded with engaging elements to give any video content the ability to collect real-time feedback, convert new leads, and close more sales.

Make videos that captivate.

Get lifetime access to VidPowr today!

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